Who Are We?

Buck Airfare started when our founder, a software engineer, discovered a method for getting flights at ridiculously low prices. Many of these flights cost less than $1 in airfare, and the rest is all government taxes. Confused as to why these fares existed, he researched the airline industry extensively to figure out how to predict these drops. He learned all the tricks to get these fares reliably and started going on these all across the country. After taking several of these trips, he was discovering far more buck fares than he could ever use.

We consider "Buck Fares" to be when the line-item cost of "Airfare" is under $5. In addition to the "Airfare" price, there are usually $10-15 of taxes and fees, usually imposed by the government and airports. You often can fly across the country for less than $20 if you know where to look (and when).

Luckily for you, you don't need to know these tricks. We have it figured out already, and will share them with you for free. We'll send you an email when we find a great deal out of your home airport. We promise it'll be a good deal, as only real humans press send. We've seen that humans are better at finding these deals than any automated tool out there.

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Current Airports

These are the current Airports we actively check for deals at. If your home airport isn’t on this list when signing up, let us know! We can start adding it to our searches.

  • Orlando, FL (MCO)
  • Tampa, FL (TPA)

How We Find You Deals

Human Touch

Automated tools for finding cheap flights are great, though they miss a lot of the best. That's why we use real humans, who are able to use the airline's websites directly, to find flights that aren't exposed via their API.

Insider Information

We've consulted with some of the most knowledgeable people in "Flight Hacking," and bring their tricks to the table to help you.

Route Expertise

Our deal-hunters know the routes of the biggest airlines, and also know their weaknesses. Using this knowledge, they can predict the routes that will drop to a buck in airfare.

Hidden City

Sometimes a flight with your destination as a layover is cheaper than a direct flight. We include those in our searches, which save you big time.